I Am Thankful for Joe

Joe 1

I am thankful for Joe. He came into our life about ten years ago. We spotted him at the Cherokee County Animal Shelter. He picked us out. We didn’t pick him.

The next day I went and rescued him from behind the chain-linked fence and brought him home to the family.

Joe greets my boys when they get off the school bus. He loves to go on walks through the woods. Joe likes to lay beside you during crisp fall evenings on the back porch.

He doesn’t like loud noises. He doesn’t make a good hunting dog. Joe likes chasing rabbits. Just don’t expect him to catch one.

Joe 2

Joe will run after a tennis ball but his limit is about three chases in a row. He will sit on command. He will shake when you ask him. But if he has not seen you in a while, forget trying to make him sit. His excitement takes over and joy comes in the form of jumps in the air.

Some life lessons Joe has taught us:

  1. You can still wag a tail, even on the worst of days.
  2. Unconditional love does exist.
  3. Joe loves us if we have it together and when we don’t.
  4. There is always time for belly rubs…….to demonstrate love.
  5. Life is lived in the moment. Joe doesn’t know if you have scheduled a walk tomorrow.

I give thanks for Joe.


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