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Photo taken of my son at a country fair

We get in trouble when God shows up. For some of us it is sitting in a church service, hearing the preacher speak on the call of God, and like Isaiah you sort of have a vision of God and before you know it you are saying, “Here I am Lord, send me!”

For others you are walking through the woods behind your house with your buddies and out of no where you have this burning bush experience, the bush may not be the thing burning but your heart, and you sense God calling you to something great.

There are some who are on your road of success and some injustice knocks you off your feet. You kick yourself about how you could have been so blind to the hurts around you and then you hear the voice of Jesus calling.

Maybe an old saint recognized something in you that you have not seen and it opened up the potential for you to hear the voice of God.

It could be as simple as one day sitting at your desk, busying yourself in your work and Jesus unexpectedly says, “Follow me.”

Many of us keep looking for this dramatic, knock me down, and shake me up experience and all along God is speaking in a still, small voice. God calls to us in different ways.

The point is Isaiah, Moses, Paul, Samuel, Mary, nor the disciples went looking for God. God came looking for them. All ministry lies in the heart of God. It doesn’t happen in my own ability but relying on the strength of God. In John 15: 16 Jesus says, “You did not chose me but I chose you. And I appointed you to go and bear fruit.”


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