We Sing Our Faith

methohymnalWe sing our faith. Music is God’s gift. It is the language God has given us to express our deepest longings and greatest joys. Some sing better than others. Some sing tenor, others baritone. I just happen to sing monotone. I am the reason the bible says, “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord.” All I can make is noise. There is a longing in each of us that comes out in song. Praise is embedded in our souls.

The Apostle Paul instructs, “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly; teach and admonish one another in all wisdom; and with gratitude in your hearts sing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs to God” (Colossians 3:16-17).

The people of God sing. We sing our faith. When we cannot find the words to express our joy we turn to music. When the words to our deepest longings escape us we turn to melody. No other time of year is this true than during the season of Advent/Christmas.

What is your favorite Advent/Christmas song?




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